Happy Thanksgiving from XC! - (11/26/2015)
Happy Thanskgiving from all of us here at XtremeCoastin.com! We are thankful for all of the years of thrill ride enthusiasts we have met and the achievements we all have made. May this Thanksgiving be filled with joy for everyone!

Stay tuned! - (11/12/2015)
Rebranding has begun! Go to it!

A Brand New XC! - (03/28/2012)
I know it has been the longest time.. and it has been years. Now that we are free from distractions, life changes, and job placements, we can have a greater attention to the website and will be releasing a brand new type of XtremeCoastin.com within the near future. Site management and staff has been changed for the better also. The main focus will still be the same but in a more detailed and concise field. Stay tuned! Go to it!

Forum update complete! - (07/06/2009)
Well as some of you have noticed already, we have finally updated our forum software to the latest version as well as upgraded our security firewalls and protocols. Also, we have changed the look of the forum. This will be a slight sneak peak of what is to come for the rest of the site in the future! What do you guys think? Discuss in our forum! Go to it!

How would you rate your 2009 coaster season?
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(2) could have been better
(3) average
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(5) awesome

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